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Our added value: we are able to operate in many sectors and professions, thanks to our team, made up of consultants and experienced research managers.

We position ourselves at the center of your company’s strategy to identify your precise needs and help you with your recruitment policy.

We encourage a creative spirit and strong involvement to provide you with excellent service, guaranteeing the best results!


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Es’tête - a SCOP (Cooperative Enterprise).

Since it was founded in 2003, Es’tête has distinguished itself as an independent consultancy firm that is proud of its robust values promoting close client relationships, pro-activeness and commitment – both to clients and candidates – with a key focus on “People”. As an organisation, Es’tête is first and foremost a close-knit team based on an organisational model that focuses on collaboration and equality. This model fosters the growth of all its staff as well as encouraging them to contribute their ideas and suggestions. Our core strategy involves training our teams to continue offering our partners top-quality advice and services, while promoting collective development as well as the professional fulfilment of every team player.

Given this analysis of our identity, the idea to transform Es’tête into a cooperative enterprise originated within the team itself and was quickly embraced by all our staff members. Satisfied that the seven principles* of cooperation aligned with the vision shared by all Es’tête staff, we enthusiastically decided to fully become a SCOP entity (Cooperative Enterprise) so we could passionately defend the commitments and values that are dear to us.

Voluntary and open membership

Democratic management by its members

Members financially involved

Autonomy and independence

Education, training and information

Working with other cooperatives

Community engagement

Our team.

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As a psychologist specialising in recruitment and assessment with over thirty years’ experience, Laure is involved in the collaborative development of HR. A certified coach trained in the systemic approach, she focuses on individual issues linked to the work environment, among others. Inquisitive and committed to continuing education, she finds inspiration in reading, walking and seeing friends.

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BESSON Laurent

A graduate of EM Lyon Business School, Laurent has previously held positions in consultancy firms as well as corporate HR roles. An active member of a number of professional associations, he is also involved in various training courses (Global Executive MBA, DBA (Executive Doctorate in Business Administration) at the Toulouse Business School, Master 2 degree in HR at the Toulouse School of Management). Laurent enjoys reading (particularly comic books), music, playing rugby and supports the Stade Toulousain rugby team.

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BRUEL Thierry

A graduate of the IFAG Business and Management School and EM Lyon Business School, Thierry has been a Recruitment Specialist for 30 years, with experience in working at and setting up the very businesses that led to the establishment of ES’TÊTE. The co-founder of an Onboarding start-up, Thierry is first and foremost an entrepreneur and networker. A devoted practitioner of combat sports and reservist, he enjoys the camaraderie from participating in all those activities.

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Following her studies in Human Resources and extensive experience gained in the field of temporary recruitment, Mathilde joined the firm in October 2022 to further hone her expertise. Originally from the Tarn region of France, with her abundantly positive attitude, this travel enthusiast’s responsibilities involve identifying and qualifying potential candidates.

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DAVID Nathalie

Thriving on challenges, with a dedicated focus on achieving excellence, Nathalie has amassed 25 years of expertise based on her in-depth knowledge of the companies she assists with their HR development programmes. Vice-Chairwoman of the “Action Femmes GS” Association, she also actively supports “Les enfants de BAM”, a children’s organisation in Burkina Faso.

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Having completed a Master’s degree in HR at the IAE Toulouse School of Management, Quentin specialised in the recruitment of sales personnel with the Hays Group for five years, joining our team in Toulouse in October 2019 as a Generalist Consultant. Born in Les Landes, a south-west region of France, Quentin grew up in the Gers and Tarn regions, and eventually settled in the Haute-Garonne… he is the pure embodiment of the south-western French enthusiasm for socialising and sharing experiences.

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JAMROZIK Gabrielle

With a background in management, Gabrielle took to Human Resources in the third year of her Bachelor’s degree. Drawn to the recruitment business since the start of her studies, she has been working as a recruitment officer with Es’tête on her work-study placement since August 2021. A swimmer in her spare time, Gabrielle always shows a determined focus on the task in hand and fully commits to everything she undertakes.

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LECLERCQ Géraldine

Following her studies in Humanities at Sorbonne University, Géraldine obtained a Master 2 degree in HR management at the CESI Higher Education and Professional Training College in Labège. Having honed her HR expertise within the Airbus Group, she then chose to specialise in recruitment, joining an international firm in 2019 before moving to Es’tête in 2022. With a strong focus on humane ethics, she offers a listening ear to all her clients. Géraldine enjoys reading and travelling, but above all loves spending quality time with family and friends.

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Having pursued her business and marketing studies at university, Fanny first began her career in sales in the wine industry. A true epicurean, Fanny loves travelling, exploring new cultures or simply enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends.  The beginning of 2023 saw her move into the recruitment industry and she instinctively joined Es’tête. She is currently responsible for sourcing and identifying potential candidates, and for the initial discussions with these candidates.

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A graduate of the Toulouse Business School, Patrick has been a Recruitment Specialist for over 30 years. A devoted entrepreneur, Patrick set up a number of firms, all leading to the inception of ES’TÊTE. A member of several clubs and professional associations, Patrick enjoys travelling, sport in general and especially rugby. He appreciates nothing more than enjoying fine food in good company.

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TAFANI Marie-Ange

Following her studies in Marketing and her initial professional experience as a Community Manager, Marie-Ange switched to Recruitment in January 2019, joining our teams in February 2020. With epicurean Corsican/Toulouse-based roots, Marie-Ange’s role currently involves sourcing, identifying and qualifying potential candidates.

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THIBAUD Jean-Christophe

Jean-Christophe graduated from ESC Toulouse Business School and has acquired an extremely in-depth knowledge of coaching approaches and techniques, ranging from operational support to the systemic process, in addition to emotional and stress management. He can help clients investigate their “blind spots”, and areas related to intuition and creativity. His coaching expertise fosters the deep-rooted development of inherent leadership skills.

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Having worked for a Belgian Family Office for around 10 years, Carlos spent 15 years as Chairman of the Poult Group, France’s second-largest biscuit manufacturer. During his time there, he implemented a corporate social responsibility strategy, with a specific focus on social and governance aspects. He has also been heading up an Impact investment fund since summer 2022.

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Having graduated from business school, Audrey worked as a Communications Specialist with a Toulouse-based SME for seven years. In that role, she became increasingly involved in recruitment and decided to embrace that as her main professional focus by joining Es’tête in August 2021. Now in charge of sourcing, identifying and qualifying potential candidates, Audrey, who is an animal lover and keen traveller, will be delighted to meet you at our offices.

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Our promise.

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