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Es’tête specialises in executive recruitment: senior management, middle management and experts. We only work on permanent-contract recruitment.
Our clients are companies of all sizes across all business sectors, operating throughout France.

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All business sectors



Construction &
Real Estate







IT and



The entails.


Designing the job offer

We will carry out an in-depth analysis of your internal hiring context to define your needs.


Fulfilling the assignment

We offer a tailor-made solution, supporting you through the entire process.

Using various approach techniques, we can source the targeted profiles by mobilising our network.



We conduct a full assessment of every candidate: their fundamental motivation, career path, soft and hard skills, etc.

We round off the assessment with reference checks.


Presenting selected candidates

We will present you with the candidates best suited to your requirements.


Concluding the recruitment process

We will provide support and advice for interviews, assistance with arbitration, decision-making and negotiations, etc.


Onboarding follow-up

We will closely monitor the onboarding process of your new employee.

Professional assessment.

To select the best candidates during your external recruitment campaigns. To support you in internal career progression initiatives, helping you identify internal talent and to leverage the skills of your current employees and managers. To help with promotions and assist personnel in identifying appropriate training programmes or providing guidance with their career plans. This assessment is a decision-making tool implemented by a dedicated recruitment team. It is used to analyse both professional and behavioural skills. It comprises an array of tools (bespoke scenarios, tests, interviews, etc.) that will draw up a profile and reliably determine a candidate’s ability to adapt or align themselves to a work environment and a set of duties.

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5 great reasons
to contact Es'Tête.


You have a specific hiring issue with numerous parameters in play: budget, timing, team, environment, technical elements, etc. Simply put: you need a tailor-made solution combined with a bespoke service! Whether you are a CEO, MD, HR Director or Manager, regardless of your company’s size or type of business, Es’tête, with its wide-ranging expertise, will adapt to your requirements, – not the other way round!


You want a single point of contact, regardless of the position you need to fill, wherever that might be!


You are looking for MUTUAL COMMITMENT, that is both EXCLUSIVE and TRANSPARENT.


You need a recruitment consultant who can advise you on your search criteria, who will support you during interviews and will visit you at your trade fairs. A recruitment consultant that can give you feedback on the status of your hiring market, who will tell you when it cannot be done and who will save you a great deal of time and energy… To sum up, we are the ADDED VALUE you are looking for!


Es’tête will come to you, wherever you are.

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